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We have the core essentials 

Our mission is to provide a comfortable, clean and welcoming environment for our members. We feature an open layout, designed with your workout flow and comfortability in mind. We are a conveniently located neighborhood gym that provides all the core essentials for a great workout.

Cardio Equipment

We have a range of cardio equipment including but not limited to:




Cybec Arc Trainer

Precor Elliptical

Life Fitness Elliptical 

Upright bike

Recumbent bikes

Spin bike

Air bike

Rower machine

and more!


Strength Circuit

We have a wide variety of strength equipment including but not limited to:

Leg extension 

Seated leg press

Seated leg curl

Abdominal crunch

Tricep extension

Lat pull down

Bicep curl 

Seated row/ Rear dealt

Chest press

Shoulder press

Dual Cable machine 

Smith machine

Squat racks

and more!

Multi-Functional Area 

Have a full-body workout just in or functional area. Included are:



Free weights

Weighted balls

TRX suspension bands

Work out mats

Exercise balls

Bosu ball

Resistant bands 

Plyo boxes

Foam rollers

Battle rope

Cable machine

and more!


Your first day is free!

No appointment or commitment is necessary. 

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