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Personal Training

We are a team of nationally certified and professional personal trainers who are dedicated to assisting you in reaching your fitness goals.

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PT Booking

What To Expect:

Every client will receive an initial assessment to evaluate their starting point. After, your trainer will help create a weekly program based on your own personal goals.  We work with clients of all ages. Whether your goal is to increase muscular strength, weight loss, toning, improve your flexibility or simply get first-hand experience with our gym equipment, our trainers are ready to assist!

Every session is 60- minutes long. Your initial session comes with a complimentary 15-minute evaluation. A gym membership is not required.

Intro Special:
3 sessions for $199


3 Personal Training Sessions & 2 Nutrition Sessions

  • For optimal results, the combination of exercise and nutrition is essential. 80% of progress depends on a well-crafted nutrition plan. 

  • We'll develop a comprehensive strategy encompassing both workouts and diet to expedite your progress and, most importantly, contribute to lasting results.

Best Results Package $395

Healthy Lunch

Benefits of Personal Training:

  • Have accountability

  • Get individualized attention

  • Receive a personalized weekly program

  • See results faster

  • Keep track of your goals

  • Learn proper technique and more!

Pricing and Packages

Single Session

5 Sessions

10 Sessions

20 Sessions





Per session 


Save $10 

Per session 


Save $50 

Per session 


Save $140 

Partner Training

$55 per person

Save $30 

* Sessions must be redeemed within 6 months from the purchase date. 20 Session package must be used within a year from the purchase date. 


Kevin Chan, Trainer


It has been so great working with Kevin and being at the gym. Weekly personal training sessions at Park Fitness Gym have been grounding, challenging, and fun! Starting back in January, I wanted to commit to learning strength and weight training, which was a new journey for me. Working with Kevin has been inspiring and he's been helping me surpass my initial goals. I'm totally hooked on continuing to see what else I can achieve. 

John G.


Rachel Fink, Trainer

Pre & Post Natal Certified

Initially, it was my plan to get in shape for the summer- but I loved the one on ones so much that I stuck to it. Rachel is professional yet funny, she knows how to keep me motivated and encourages me to push through even when i'm having a bad day. I thoroughly enjoy working out with her, especially appreciate the explanations of different workout techniques and how they relate to the body. Highly recommend!

Luzia O.


Jessica Cabreja, Trainer 


We can't thank you enough for all the wonderful work you've done with Nora this past year. You've been her trainer, her motivator, her health and life coach all in one. She's not EVER said she did not want to go to your training session (and trust me -- that's quite the accomplishment!!!). It's been wonderful to see Nora gradually feel better about herself and gain more self confidence. Thank you for making the sessions varied -- to keep her interested along the way -- and for telling Nora that feeling good starts on the inside!

Agnethe G.

lizette picture.jpg

Lizette Vitale, Trainer


I've been doing personal training sessions with Lizette for over a year, and it is the best investment I've made in myself. Lizette has been a powerfully encouraging force by designing workouts that are engaging and fun. My mobility and conditioning has increased a lot, and I notice that strength training has improved my ability in day-to-day life. Lizette is understanding and responsive and I look forward to every session. 

Renee R.

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