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Kevin Chan



I began weight lifting in high school and had a passion for challenging myself with exercise. As my interest in fitness grew, I received my NASM personal training certification and long with a certification in corrective exercise. For the past 10 years, I've been practicing various forms of martial arts- like boxing, jujitsu and muay thai. Born and raised in Brooklyn, I received my BA from Brooklyn College in philosophy and psychology.  I enjoy working with a wide range of clients from teens looking to learn the basics, people wanting to improve their overall strength, to clients looking to incorporate boxing in their routines.  I use a lot of functional movements to improve clients strength and range of motion. I'm dedicated to my clients surpassing their initial goals, and love seeing what they accomplish!

Meet our Trainers!

Lizette Vitale


My love of movement happened at a very young age. I discovered passions in bodybuilding, martial arts and Dance aerobics. Fitness training for me is part of living out every day, in preparing yourself for life’s challenges that come along the way.  I love to incorporate functional training, high and low intensity circuit training and sculpting and toning movements into my clients programs. My intention is to motivate and help bring out the best in all of my clients and help in achieving and surpassing their fitness goals. I'm here to meet you where you are and produce a better you for today!


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Chelsea Beasley

NASM CPT, Pre and Post Natal,

Certified Nutrition Coach

Chelsea Beasley is interested in the ways that movement can transform lives and communities. Having spent time training with and learning from athletes around the world—from Prospect Park to the mountains of Mexico to the streets of Berlin—she understands that wellness is a valuable tool of self expression just like other cultural pursuits.  She has logged over 6,000 miles in the past 4 years and has run 5 marathons and 2 ultramarathons, including qualifying for and racing the 2018 amd 2019 Boston Marathon. She has also trained extensively in bodyweight HIIT training, Kettlebells, TRX, Pilates and Yoga. She graduated from New York University’s Gallatin School, is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and studied at the Nutritious Life Studio in New York, completing her nutrition education in 2015. She is also pre and post natal certified. Chelsea currently trains with an NYC-based running collective and is passionate about the value of teamwork for individual results.


Rachel Fink

ACE, Pre and Post Natal


Growing up sports were always a part of my life.  In college, I found a love for weightlifting and I’ve been doing it ever since. I focus on functional and corrective movement and believe no matter what your goals are- lose weight, or deadlift 200 pounds- you need a foundation of strength. I also believe in teaching my clients the tools they need to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I have a BFA in Acting from Brooklyn College, a National Personal Training Certification and a Pre and Postnatal coaching certification. I am ready to help you achieve your goals no matter your background!


Calvin Mullen


Since high school, I've been obsessed with fitness and have spent years researching and studying all I could about the human body. I love applying new methods, and seeing how they reflect on my body as well as my clients. I've worked in physical therapy, closely studying many physical therapists in order to deepen my knowledge. What I've learned has greatly helped me, friends, family, and clients. I'm very extroverted, and love working with people. When it comes to a person's well being I put 110% effort into helping them achieve their goals. 

Jessica Cabreja

Youth Exercise Specialist (NASM)


Growing up I was very active and during my teenage years I played many sports. But my real love for fitness began when I started my weight loss journey. I gained an excessive amount of weight after my pregnancy and needed to make a lifestyle change. I began to take my health seriously and was able to lose 85 lbs by changing my nutrition and having a consistent workout routine. My passion is working with the youth. I love working as a trainer because I’m able to help people be the best healthy version of themselves!


Manny Feliciano

ISSA certified 

Growing up I didn't have much confidence. My passion for fitness started when I discovered boxing as a young adult.  I loved the positive physical changes I saw in my body and mind.  I fell in love with the sport and never looked back. My goals as a trainer is for my clients to feel strong, well conditioned, agile and most importantly confident in what their body can do. I use a lot of functional movements in my coaching style. I love training clients in movements that are going to benefit them in their everyday life.  I love working with clients from all backgrounds and fitness levels.  I look forward to helping them achieve their personal goals, strive for progress and tap into their potential!

Amanda Too-a-Foo

B.S. Sports Conditioning 


I'm Amanda "Too-a-Foo," your dedicated personal trainer. With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, I've honed my skills to help my clients achieve their fitness goals, whether it's Olympic heavy-weight training, weight loss, pre-rehabilitation, body sculpting, or sports-specific conditioning.


I pursued my education at Long Island University, where I gained valuable knowledge in exercise science and sports-related studies. My academic foundation, combined with practical experience, forms the basis of my training approach. Whether you're looking to lift like an Olympian, shed pounds, recover from an injury, sculpt your body, or dominate your sport, I'm here to guide you every step of the way!

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Kevin Chan, Trainer


It has been so great working with Kevin and being at the gym. Weekly personal training sessions at Park Fitness Gym have been grounding, challenging, and fun! Starting back in January, I wanted to commit to learning strength and weight training, which was a new journey for me. Working with Kevin has been inspiring and he's been helping me surpass my initial goals. I'm totally hooked on continuing to see what else I can achieve. 

John G.


Rachel Fink, Trainer

Pre & Post Natal Certified

Initially, it was my plan to get in shape for the summer- but I loved the one on ones so much that I stuck to it. Rachel is professional yet funny, she knows how to keep me motivated and encourages me to push through even when i'm having a bad day. I thoroughly enjoy working out with her, especially appreciate the explanations of different workout techniques and how they relate to the body. Highly recommend!

Luzia O.


Jessica Cabreja, Trainer 


We can't thank you enough for all the wonderful work you've done with Nora this past year. You've been her trainer, her motivator, her health and life coach all in one. She's not EVER said she did not want to go to your training session (and trust me -- that's quite the accomplishment!!!). It's been wonderful to see Nora gradually feel better about herself and gain more self confidence. Thank you for making the sessions varied -- to keep her interested along the way -- and for telling Nora that feeling good starts on the inside!

Agnethe G.

lizette picture.jpg

Lizette Vitale, Trainer


I've been doing personal training sessions with Lizette for over a year, and it is the best investment I've made in myself. Lizette has been a powerfully encouraging force by designing workouts that are engaging and fun. My mobility and conditioning has increased a lot, and I notice that strength training has improved my ability in day-to-day life. Lizette is understanding and responsive and I look forward to every session. 

Renee R.

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