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Nutrition Coaching Program

​​For many people managing their weight is a struggle and there is a lot of confusing and incorrect information out there.

We believe that knowledge is power and support & motivation go a long way.

Popular Goals We Help With 

  • Weight management

  • Healthy balanced eating

  • Protein and macro & micro nutrient education

  • Athletic nutrition support

  • Stress eating and lifestyle management

  • Sleep management tips  

Topics the sessions cover:

  • Stress eating and lifestyle management

  • Quality of food education (Macros)

  • Creating personalized  “go to meals”

  • Tips on planning ahead when eating out

  • Teaching about specific types of diets

  • Increasing awareness of a healthy & balanced Diet

  • Stress and its relationship with food

  • Sugar intake

  • Hunger cues

  • Portion control

  • Athletic nutrition support

  • Sleep management tips  

  • All or nothing thinking 

Super Health Food

The Programs


Intro Special $199

2 Session Plan: Includes Initial Assessment &
1 Follow-Up Session

Initial Assessment (80 Min): Includes evaluation by a coach of  your pre-assessment questionnaire and a 80 Min Live Zoom Meeting.

Follow-Up Session (45 Min): Following up on the first session, covering additonal topics, reviewing food logs, further educating on topics and rating adherence to assigned daily habits from initial assessment.  

3 Month Program (5 Sessions)

Elevate your progress beyond the initial stage with sustained, long-term support. Experience ongoing accountability throughout your health journey. Achieve your goals and gain insights on how to sustain your accomplishments. 

Initial Assessment (80 Min): Includes evaluation by coach of  your pre-assessment questionnaire and a 80 Minute Zoom Meeting.

Follow-Up Session (45 Min): Following up on the first session, covering additonal topics, reviewing food logs, and rating adherence to assigned daily habits from initial assessment.  

Coaching Sessions 3, 4 & 5: Continue to have vital support, accountabilty, education and reinforce the new postive behavior and tools learned to achieve and maintain your goals.

Long Term Support $425 


Best Results Package $395

3 Personal Training Sessions & 2 Nutrition Sessions: The ultimate complete package to get you real results!

For optimal results, the combination of exercise and nutrition is essential. 80% of progress depends on a well-crafted nutrition plan. 

We'll develop a comprehensive strategy encompassing both workouts and diet to expedite your progress and, most importantly, contribute to lasting results.

A la Carte Services

Initial Assessment $130


Single coaching Session $90

* available after completing initial assessment

Egg and Avocado Salad

What to expect out of each nutrition coaching session?

#1 Initial Assessment 

Ensure your success by filling out the intake form ahead of your initial session. Your coach will conduct a pre-meeting analysis, delving into your intake form details before your very first coaching session.

During your live coaching session, we address 2-3 key topics, pinpointing challenges and triggers, and craft an actionable daily habit plan. Gain insights and education on your selected topics.

Learn how to create and maintain sustainable lifestyle changes that will benefit you for life.

Receive coaching on topics such as calorie and energy balance, protein, carbs, fats, how to track your food. Learn how to put it all together by planning and creating nutritious, balanced meals that will help you look and feel your best.

Receive a personalized program via email with a comprehensive plan crafted just for you, guiding your personal path to success.

#2 Follow Up Session

Essential check-in to assess program progress.

Dive deeper into coaching for your primary goals by exploring topics such as hunger cues, portion control, all or nothing thinking, etc…

Reviewing food logs to identify areas for improvement while furthering your education to cultivate a healthier lifestyle.

Rachel Fink

 Nutrition Coach

  Precision Nutrition Certified

I am excited to work with clients of all body types and offer them a structured, effective, and personalized approach to nutrition. I help clients to create nutritional changes that will lead to optimizing their health.

My areas of expertise are weight management and sports nutrition. I have worked with many clients to achieve goals  such as weight loss, weight gain and diets geared for high-intensity activities like marathons and fitness competitions. I’ve been very successful in helping my clients achieve lasting results.


By providing a supportive environment, I help clients learn how to structure healthy ways of eating and teach helpful behavioral tools that are so important for lasting change.  Some of the techniques that I use are mindfulness, nutrition education, and habit building.


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